About Hardingstone
 Time Periods
 Pre Norman Conquest

   * Hunsbury Hill Fort

   * Roman Kiln 


   * St. Edmunds Church

   * Manor House 

   * Queen Eleanor Cross

 16th-18th Centuries

   * Dissolution of the Monasteries

   * Hervey House 

   * Ivy House 1620

   * Civil War Weapons

 19th and 20th Centuries

   * Corfe House and The Heights 

   * Hardingstone Workhouse

   * Public Houses

 Village Life
   * Claire Apiaries (Hardingstone Lane)

   * Homestead (Coldstream Lane / High Street)

   * Ivy House Farm / Stables

   * Beesley (Bottom of Coldstream Lane)

   * 19 High Street

   * 20/22 Back Lane
   * Delapre Farm (Now Home Farm) 

   * Blue Barns (originally Blor Barns)

   * Frosts / Pittams Farm (The Green)
   * Hardingstone Lodge (Ford Lane)

   * Ford Lane Farm (Manor Farm ??)


   * Cherry Orchard
   * Pittams Fields

   * Cornfield (Hardingstone Lane - Newport Pagnell Road)
   * Delapre Abbey (Hardingstone Lane - The Abbey)

   * Ridge and Furrow fields between the gated road and Great               Houghton
    * Earlier field systems 
 Industry and Services

   * Abbatoir (Back Lane)
   * Pin Factory (High Street)
   * Kiln (Martins Lane) 

   * Quarries (The Warren)
   * Blacksmith
   * Pylons
   * Water Tower
   * Windmill 

   * Windpump
   * Nunn Mills
   * Rushmills
   * Vent Pipe (Also known as Stench Pipe)
   * In Service
 Retail and Businesses
   * Unknown Name (Back Lane)
   * Matthews (Back Lane)
   * Taylor's (High Street / The Green
   * Bobs Transport Cafe (Newport Pagnell Road)
   * Hocus Crocus (High Street)
   * Joy Masom (High Street)
     The Flower Barn (High Street)
   * Panorama Motors (Newport Pagnell Road) 
      Rothwell's (London Road by Queen Eleanor Hotel) 
      Village Garage (High Street)
 General Stores /
      Crisford (High Street)  
   * Friar's Folly (Newport Pagnell Road/ The Warren) 
      Ice Cream Sales
      Popp's (High Street) 
      Rosetti's (High Street)
   * Summerfield (High Street)
 Post Offices
      Post Office (The Green) 
   * Post Office (Bouverie Road)
   * Post Office (High Street)
   *  Chimney Sweep
   *  Hardingstone Taxis (Back Lane)
      Unknown Name (High Street)