About Hardingstone
 1 History
 Time Periods
 Pre Norman Conquest

   * Hunsbury Hill Fort

   * Roman Kiln 


   * St. Edmunds Church

   * Manor House 

   * Queen Eleanor Cross

 16th-18th Centuries

   * Dissolution of the Monasteries

   * Hervey House 

   * Ivy House 1620

   * Civil War Weapons

 19th and 20th Centuries

   * Corfe House and The Heights 

   * Hardingstone Workhouse

   * Public Houses

 2 Village Life
   * Claire Apiaries (Hardingstone Lane)

   * Homestead (Coldstream Lane / High Street)

   * Ivy House Farm / Stables

   * Beesley (Bottom of Coldstream Lane)

   * 19 High Street

   * 20/22 Back Lane
   * Delapre Farm (Now Home Farm) 

   * Blue Barns (originally Blor Barns)

   * Frosts / Pittams Farm (The Green)
   * Hardingstone Lodge (Ford Lane)

   * Ford Lane Farm (Manor Farm ??)


   * Cherry Orchard
   * Pittams Fields

   * Cornfield (Hardingstone Lane - Newport Pagnell Road)
   * Delapre Abbey (Hardingstone Lane - The Abbey)

   * Ridge and Furrow fields between the gated road and Great               Houghton
    * Earlier field systems 
 Industry and Services

   * Abbatoir (Back Lane)
   * Pin Factory (High Street)
   * Kiln (Martins Lane) 

   * Quarries (The Warren)
   * Blacksmith
   * Pylons
   * Water Tower
   * Windmill 

   * Windpump
   * Nunn Mills
   * Rushmills
   * Vent Pipe (Also known as Stench Pipe)
   * In Service
 Retail and Businesses
   * Unknown Name (Back Lane)
   * Matthews (Back Lane)
   * Taylor's (High Street / The Green
   * Bobs Transport Cafe (Newport Pagnell Road)
   * Hocus Crocus (High Street)
   * Joy Masom (High Street)
     The Flower Barn (High Street)
   * Panorama Motors (Newport Pagnell Road) 
      Rothwell's (London Road by Queen Eleanor Hotel) 
      Village Garage (High Street)
 General Stores /
      Crisford (High Street)  
   * Friar's Folly (Newport Pagnell Road/ The Warren) 
      Ice Cream Sales
      Popp's (High Street) 
      Rosetti's (High Street)
   * Summerfield (High Street)
 Post Offices
      Post Office (The Green) 
   * Post Office (Bouverie Road)
   * Post Office (High Street)
   *  Chimney Sweep
   *  Hardingstone Taxis (Back Lane)
      Unknown Name (High Street) 
 5 People

 * Emery

  * Rouse, Alfred Arthur

  * Tates, Hardys and Bouveries

  * Henry Bird and Freda Jackson
 War Memorial
 World War I
  * The names of the fallen are on the cenotaph located on The Green at the centre of the village. Some of the names are known to derive from elsewhere, but with family connections to the village.
 * World War II

 20th Century
 World War II Local
   * Home Guard
     Machine Gun post Hardingstone Lane / London Road
  * Simpson Barracks
 (Newport Pagnell

 Hunsbury Hill Fort
   * Iron Age Hill Fort
 Wars of the Roses
   * Battle of Northampton (1460)
 Civil War
     Weapons find in Martins Lane
 Village Families

   * Collins
   * White, Joan


     Hardingstone Cemetery, Towcester Road
   * St Edmund's churchyard
   * Nun's graves (Delapre Abbey)